Export Services


Exports are the driving force of economic development, no country has been able to achieve great economic achievements without foreign trade. Most of the countries that have become major world powers have relied on exports to boost their economic strength. According to the World Trade Organization in 2018, exports accounted for around 30% of global GDP. But exporting is not an easy matter, due to lack of information on foreign markets, differences in cultures, differences in the laws of countries, etc., Specialized advice should be sought from export companies.


Zino Bonyan Nic Import and Export Company as a member of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Iran-Emarat Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Trade Committee, with clear executive records in recent years, we have an active and professional team in exporting to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan With the experience of direct cooperation with distribution companies in various fields and the implementation of many projects in the field of exporting equipment and services to neighboring countries, it has the ability to provide a basis for Iranian companies to export to neighboring countries.

Zino bonyan Nic Import and Export Services:

Zino bonyan Import and Export Company has an active and professional team to provide services related to trade to other companies, including identifying and selecting target markets, providing legal and commercial advice in the field of exporting goods, inviting companies to important international exhibitions and .... in addition to providing Specialized services in the field of marketing, company registration, trademark registration from services at the international level.

For summarize, all services are not mentioned. For more information and advice, contact us.