Exhibitions held

International Exhibition of Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment Iraq / Baghdad 2019

The annual Iraqi International Exhibition of Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment is one of the most critical and largest exhibitions in the health industry. This international exhibition held on 2-4 September  2019 in Baghdad. In addition to learning about the latest technologies in the health industry, there was an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the Iraqi Ministry of Health, private companies and health centres active in the field of health. 450 Iraqi and international companies participated in the exhibition, in which 21 companies from Iran presented their products and services.


Zino Bonyan Nik Export and Import Management Company, under the management of Ms Falahati, as a member of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce and the Trade and Commerce Commission, with the experience of holding international exhibitions in Iraq and other neighbouring countries in recent years, has obtained exclusive representation. The annual Iraq / Baghdad International Exhibition of Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment became the largest event in the medical equipment industry and health in this country and has provided the necessary grounds for participating active companies in the Iranian pavilion. By participating in this exhibition, Iranian manufacturers were able to enter the forty million market of Iraq. Plus could connect to the distributors, hospital managers and health representatives as an opportunity to introduce themselves as representatives representing health goods.

During the International Exhibition, the Iraqi Minister of Health (Mr Alwan), the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce (Mr Al-Zuhair) and the Chairman of the Drug Syndicate, as well as the Deputy Ambassador of Iran to Iraq, Dr Tabatabai, visited various booths, especially companies in the Iranian pavilion. Also, the satisfaction of the political board about exhibition performance had broad coverage in Iran and Iraq media.


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**video clip of Iraq International Exhibition of Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment 2019

**  video clip of media reflection of Iraq International Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition 2019

** Video clip of the Iraqi political delegation visiting the Iraqi International Exhibition of Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment

Gitex Iraq International Exhibition (Gitex, 2019)

GITEX International Exhibition is the most prestigious exhibition in the information technology industry in Iraq. This exhibition showcases the latest innovations and technologies in information and communication technology in Iraq. The slogan of this exhibition is "Door to Future" Besides introducing new technologies in the communication industry in this exhibition, there were excellent opportunities to know and contact Iraqi It merchants and representationwere available. The fourth edition of this exhibition held with the full support of the Iraqi Minister of Communications, Dr Naeem Al-Raba'i, at the permanent location of the Iraqi International Exhibitions in Baghdad on December 18-21, 2017. Moreover, several conferences on current scientific topics held on the sidelines of the exhibition.



Export and Import Management Company Zino Bonyan Nik, as a member of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce and the Trade and Commerce Commission with managing international exhibitions experience in Iraq recent years, obtained the exclusive representation of the fourth Baghdad GITEX exhibition as the largest event in the field.

The Kurdish information and communication technology of this country has provided the necessary grounds to introduce active companies and especially Iranian scholars in the form of the Iranian pavilion. Representatives from countries such as the United States, China, Canada, etc, were also present in this exhibition.


Details of official sponsors of Gitex exhibition

Iraq is weak in technology and software infrastructure, and this annual exhibition is a reference for the selection of contractors by the Iraqi Ministries of Interior to carry out projects in the field of information and communication technology in Iraq; Therefore, the official sponsors of the Gitex exhibition as an international exhibition include most of the Iraqi ministries and large companies, such as the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce, the Iraqi Ministry of Technology, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, etc shows the extraordinary importance of this exhibition.



GITEX Exhibition Project Categories

Generally, the titles of the projects that invested in this international exhibition classified in the following categories:

Future technologies including blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, 3D printers, virtual reality and drones

Consumer technologies including, smart workplace titles, smart projects, designing add-ons to make systems more intelligent, and smart home design.

Security and networking, including topics like privacy and cybersecurity, as well as infrastructure and support networks

Media technologies including graphic design, film editing, production of video clips, TV commercials, radio, interactive online media, collaborative production, and film and animation

Other technologies include data centre, telecoms, smart cities, the Internet of Things, smart transportation, smart solutions, robotics, cloud technologies, and big data


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** Gitex Iraq International Exhibition Catalog (Gitex, 2019)



Exhibitions held in Pakistan

PakHealth International Exhibition of Medical, Laboratory, Dental and Pharmaceutical Equipment Pakistan (PakHealth, 2020)


PakHealth is one of the most valuable and largest health exhibitions, the fourth Pakistan PakHealth International Exhibition held on 20-21  December  2017 in Lahore. This international exhibition for Iranian companies was in the Iran pavilion with a selected group of capable companies producing medical-laboratory-pharmaceutical equipment. The exhibition had Provided the background for a more prominent presence of Iranian industries in Pakistan and the creation of suitable bases for export. Notably, about 500 Pakistani companies and 4000 visitors were present at the PakHealth Pakistan exhibition.

Zino Bonyan Nik Company, according to the area allocated in the exhibition, allocated standard and optimal space to support the companies present, so that the pavilion model was designed based on independent 9-meter booths for each company.


Visitors Profile of PakHealth Pakistan Exhibition (PakHealth, 2020) Key People of Pakistan Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics



In this international exhibition, Iranian companies received great feedback for their participating in this event. Some of this feedback led to the memorandum of understanding and agency agreements after further follow-up.


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** video clip of Pakistan International Medical Equipment Exhibition (PakHealth, 2020