Export agency and sales

Export representative

Finding a sales representative abroad is a specialized topic and requires knowledge of the target market.

Zino Bonyan Nic Company, as a member of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce and a committee of the Iranian-Emirati Chamber of Commerce, has an active and professional team in exporting including Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan, and also has direct cooperation with distribution companies in various fields.

Due to 1- large consumer market 2- cultural convergence 3- cheap transportation, etc., there is an increased potential for trade in neighboring countries.

Registering a sales agency in the states due to complex processes such as company registration, trademark registration, setting up a store, participating in tenders and technical engineering projects, goods transportation services, etc. is not an easy process.

Zino Bonyan Nick Company has a history and abundant experience in this field; it also has employees with experience in export fields inside and outside the country.

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Zino Bonyan Nic Company services in finding sales representative:

Zino Bonyan Export and Import Management Company, with an active and professional team in establishing agencies and sales in neighboring countries, can provide the following services:

For summarize, all services are not mentioned. For more information and advice, contact us.