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Zspray air, surfaces and equipment disinfectant:

The ZSpray device uses Dry Mist technology to disinfect the air, surfaces, equipment and all appliances in the environment. Use of turbojet engine, this device converts 3 to 7% hydrogen peroxide solution into fine particles with a size of fewer than 5 microns by passing through a nozzle with unique advanced technology and the disinfection process by dry misting or Dry Performs mist with full coverage in the environment.

Advantages of Zspray:

  • 99.9% elimination of viruses and infections in the air and all surfaces (Airborne Micro-Organisms)
  • Disinfection of all inaccessible and invisible points (ceilings, seams, pores, etc.)
  • Short disinfection time
  • Simplicity and speed of use without the need for a user
  • Complete disinfection of air and surfaces without creating any moisture, and thus without causing rust and corrosion using Dry Mist technology
  • Reasonable price compared to similar and foreign samples
  • High volume disinfection capability (up to 1080 cubic meters)
  • Powerful turbojet engine.


Medical and diagnostic centers, offices and ambulances

Doctors' office and Dispensaries


Offices, companies and banks

Land, air and rail transport

Care Center for the Elderly, the Disabled

Kindergartens and schools

Sports and health centers

restaurants، entertainment centers, commercial complexes

Factories and workshops

Further Details

Benefits of ZSpray (continued):

Advantages of the solution used in the device:


Device effectiveness:

ZSpray sprays hydrogen peroxide solution at high speed by creating particles less than 5 microns in diameter by oxidizing the membrane of molecules of all bacteria, fungi, biofilms, spores and all viruses including influenza, Corona, H1N1, HC, HBV, does Covid-19.

Then, because of the degradability of this solution, it quickly turns into water and oxygen molecules and leaves no suspended matter in the air This causes no harm to humans or the environment. also this affects all surfaces, including glass, wood, metal, plastic, steel, laminate, tile, ceramic and stone, etc.


Applicable places:

ZSpray can be applicable in the following places:


Technical specifications of the device

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The difference between Zspray machine and other devices on the market:

Existing devices are generally can not implement dry fog technology due to poor nozzle and motor design because creating large particles of hydrogen peroxide in the environment, it creates a lot of moisture and as a result, eventually causes corrosion and rust of equipment and devices in the environment. In practice, the process is done by the method of Moist Mist, in which case, the suspended particles in the air are not well oxidized and prevent the destruction of microorganisms

Why use a ZSpray device?

With the mentioned limitations of different disinfection methods, it is possible to see the superiority of this device and the dry mist method.

The ZSpray device is easy to use without the need for the user control manually, saving you time, repair and maintenance of equipment and tools, ensures complete cleaning of air and surfaces.