Offices, companies and banks

Offices, companies and banks

Sterilization Surface and air of departments, companies and banks

1- departments’ sterilization

Governmental and service administrations are among the most crowded places because citizens come to them. Because they have a great role in our life and cannot be dispensed with; however, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, many health protocols have been established that must be observed to preserve the health of auditors and employees. Therefore, health protocols must be followed. An important factor in these protocols is surface and air sterilization.

Sterilization reducing the number of microorganisms in the air or on surfaces until they are incapable of causing human disease. The sterilization process should be continuous and in compliance with safety guidelines. The Zspray device uses dry Mist technology for sterilization, a modern technology to sterilize the air and infiltrates to all surfaces. This device eliminated pathogenic microorganisms with 99.9% efficiency. And create a sterile and clean atmosphere without causing any damage or sensitivity.

2- Companies sterilization

Companies are one of the most important economic institutions in every country includes a large group of employees. Corporate employees often work in closed and crowded spaces. Adherence to health protocols in the workplace is one of the most critical factors in maintaining the health of this main segment of society. With the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), the Ministry of Health announced mandatory health instructions to sterilize workplaces. One of the best ways to protect company employees is to sterilize the air and surfaces. Due to the high cost of sterilization, companies often do not cooperate. The Zspray device sterilizes all surfaces, including glass, wood, metal, plastic, steel, laminate, tiles, ceramics, stone, etc., at low cost using dry Mist technology. This device can sterilize a large area and eliminate all microorganisms, including viruses (Corona, Ebola), fungi and bacteria, in a short time without causing any sensitivity or damage to the environment.

3- banks sterilization

Banks are the main arteries of the economy in every country. Thousands of people come every day to the bank to do different work. Usually, banks are crowded when banknotes are exchanging in them. This is one of the ways that diseases transmit such as viruses (Corona, Ebola and ...) fungi and bacteria. Controlling disease outbreaks in banks helps the health of the entire community. It is necessary to use a specialized process to sterilize banks. Zpray device automatically can sterilize large volume of air and surface (200 cubic meters in 20 minutes) in a short time, this device uses dry fog technology by forming particles with a diameter of 5 microns and is pumped using a turbojet engine, It sterilizes all surfaces including glass, paper, wood, metal, plastic, steel, laminate, tiles, ceramics, stone, etc. Provide a healthy environment for bank auditors and employees without causing any sensitivity to environmental damage.