Zino Bonyan Nic is a professional expert of company registration, brand registration to companies in other countries. We provide the following service for our customer:

Company registration

We provide full company formation and registration services, which may include:

Consultancy on local formal incorporation and type of entity

Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and any other legal documents needed for registration

Preparation and filing of registration application to competent Trade Registry

Registration of any required special business license, if applicable

Registration of share capital and current bank account(s)

Information on any legal compliance changes related to the company

Representation in front of the local authorities of target market

In addition, we can arrange all the necessary documentation for opening a bank account for your newly established company and provide its administration via our trust services (based on your instructions and approval).

Brand Registration

Most businesses are aware of their brand or branding and rightly see it as their corporate image and know it is of vital importance to their business, but often do not realize how vulnerable it is at the same time. In order to protect it properly, it should be registered as their trade mark. We in Zino Bonyan Nic are the expert brand registration even in Iran or overseers and provide great package for that.