Equipping hospitals and health centers

Equipping hospitals and medical centers

Zino bonyan Nic company, as head of the Medical Equipment and Services Committee in the Chamber of Commerce between Iran and Emarat, has a lot of experience in export and import. Our company is focused on medical services and goods; in recent years we have implemented many projects to equip hospitals and medical centers in Iran and neighboring countries.

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Hospitals and medical centers due to the variety of equipment in different departments such as emergency department, recovery rooms, intensive care unit, newborn unit, imaging department and laboratories etc. Equipping hospitals and medical centers is a specialized process.

Zino bonyan Nic company has great experiences in this field, in the past years we have equipped hospitals and medical centers according to international standards in Iran and neighboring countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and others. For more information about the services provided in this field, just contact us.

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