Export and import are one of the economic foundations of countries. Zino Bonyan Nic Company with a knowledge-based approach according to modern methods of management and marketing has an excellent record in exportation to neighbouring countries like Iraq and Pakistan and importing from various countries in the last decade. Zino Bonyan Nick Import and Export Company as a member of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Iran-UAE Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Trade Committee with clear executive records in recent years has become the central point to the export of medical devices. Expanding opportunities in the exportation field causes that experts in this company establish shared business with capable companies. This shared business caused manufacturing and investing to facilitate the medical tools trade networks using internal human resources. Also, Zino Bonyan Nic was the host of several international exhibitions in Iran. Company has obtained the exclusive representation of the Iraq Health and Pak Health Exhibition in 1398; This has provided the ground for exhibiting domestic manufacturing companies and knowledge-based companies in these exhibitions. This company managed by Ms. Falahati (Chairman of the Medical Equipment Commission of the Iran-UAE Chamber).

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to accelerate Iran's transformation into the largest exporter of non-oil goods in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus and North Africa.



Our vision is to become the largest provider of exporting of medical services in the region.


Value statement:

Principle 1: Commitment to honesty in thought, speech and professional behaviour

Principle 2: Quality means offering quality goods or services to customers

Principle 3: Knowledge-based means the use of scientific improvement methods in organizational and extra-organizational processes of the company

Principle 4: Collaboration means searching for win-win situations for companies and customers

Principle 5: Commitment to creativity in finding new and innovative ways to gain international markets

Principle 6: Flexible management based on human attention means the organization's commitment to the benefit of shareholders, customers and employees

Principle 7: Fairness means a constructive approach to others that includes other races, religions, nationalities, societies, governments and the environment.


Our distinction:

Existence of a specialized and dominant expert team in the field of medical and pharmaceutical equipment

- Providing a complete supply and distribution chain

- Specialized team of experienced market research in international marketing

- Utilization of human communication network in the target market

- Responsibility and commitment to the customer as an organizational principle