Iraq Health 2022 Exhibition

Zino Bonyan Nic invites companies in the fields of medical, laboratory, dental and pharmaceutical equipment to participate in this important event to have the opportunity to be present in the international markets. This exhibition will be held in Baghdad/Iraq. From 10 to 13 September.  Zino Bonyan Nic Company is the exclusive agent for Iraq Health Expo 2022

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Iraq health catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should participate at exhibition?

In the line with the Iraq Governorate vision to improve Investments in the healthcare sector, and the Iraqi Ministry of Health Plan to develop a strategic partnership with local and International Health Institutions and Companies. 3rd Iraq Healthcare - Iraq will focus its effort to Build a sustainable Healthcare System and create a professional platform to attract a wide pool of healthcare stakeholders, pioneers and official in Iraq. 

What are the criteria for choosing an exhibition room location?
Registration time, payment time, room size

What do the fees include?
Ready Booth with furnishur, table,light.

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